We have two trucks available for delivery.

Large delivery truck-carries up to 10,000 sq. foot of sod

Flatbed delivery truck-carries up to 4,000 sq. foot of sod

Access may be limited due to steep grades, narrow roads & driveways, cul de sacs; etc.

If you are unsure if the truck can make it to your location, please give us a call and we will gladly determine if it will be accessible.

Delivery costs include unloading sod throughout site when possible.

There is a $20 pallet or tube deposit that is refundable upon return.

Delivery costs vary due to location.

There is a $20 deposit for each pallet or tube that is refundable upon return

Trailer & Vehicle Capacities (approximate)

Please check the vehicle's owner's manual for gross vehicle weight rating.

It is recommended to strap down each pallet and/or big roll.

Pickup boxes must measure at least 4 feet by 4 feet between narrowest points (fender wells inside box) per pallet, and be free of obstructions, (5th wheel hitches, tool boxes, etc.)

Delivery & Farm Pick UP

On Farm Pick-up


Big Rolls

Each roll covers 400 sq ft. with rolls measuring 3 1/2 ft (42 inches) by 114 ft, other lengths can be cut.  Each square foot weighs approximately 4-5 lbs.  Basic installing attachments for 3 point hitches or skid-steers are available.

Northern Hills Sod Farm, LLC

Small Rolls

Each small roll covers 10 sq ft.  The rolls measure 24 inches ( 2 ft) wide by 60 inches (5 ft) long and weigh between 35-40 lbs each.  Each pallet normally has 500 sq ft (or any smaller amount), and weighs between 1,800-2,000 lbs.  A pallet takes up a 4 foot by 4 foot area and is wrapped in netting.

1/2 ton pickup                                               1 pallet                                                          1,800-2,000 lbs

3/4 ton pickup                                               1 1/2 pallet                                                    2,700-3,000 lbs

1 ton pickup                                                   2 pallets(depending on box length)                2,600-4,000 lbs

Light single axle trailer                                  300 sq foot                                                   1,100-1,200 lbs

Heavy single axle trailer                                 1 pallet                                                         1,800-2,000 lbs

Double axle car trailer with fenders                2-3 pallets                                                   3,600-6,000 lbs

Heavy double axle car trailer with fenders      3-4 pallets                                                   5,400-8,000 lbs

Goose neck trailer                                          4-8 pallets                                                  7,200-14,400 lbs