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Ultra 3D Sod Blend Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool-season grass that is dark green in color, dense in appearance with a uniform medium leaf texture.  It is generally used for residential and commercial lawns.  Bluegrass thrives in cool weather and will tolerate cold winters.  It may become stressed in extreme heat, but will maintain its appearance if properly watered.  Bluegrass will go into summer dormancy if moisture is withheld but will green up again with water.  It thrives in sunny areas but does not do as well in shaded areas.  Bluegrass recovers quickly from occasional abuse and withstands moderate foot traffic.

Sod Varieties & Prices

Tall Fescue/Ultra 3D Bluegrass Mix


Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that is a medium to dark green color, moderate density with an extensive root system.  Fescue is a bunch grass that has a medium to coarse leaf texture.  It is recommended for a variety of uses, such as residential and commercial landscapes, roadsides, parks, recreation areas, and sports fields.  Tall fescue has good heat tolerances but is less cold hardy than most cool season grasses. Its extensive root system makes for a drought hardy lawn. It can go into summer dormancy if water is withheld, but will green up again with moisture.  Tall fescue prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.  It is suitable for moderate recreation and foot traffic areas with good wear recovery.

Good sod starts with proper soil preparation.  Tests are done to insure a correct balance of nutrients before any seed is planted.  We use the highest rated grass varieties for our sod.  Applications of high quality-slow release fertilizer and herbicides that are designed especially for sod farms, and root enhancers to insure uniform growth, easier handling and promotes a better root system.  This means that the sod requires less fertilizer, out compete weeds, and less mowing for you!

All of our sod is locally grown to insure a prompt delivery after harvesting, less stress to the grass when installed, and an overall healthier appearance of your new lawn!