Find the area of a =

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Circle Area

radius X radius X 3.14 (Pi)

Radius is half the distance across the circle

Use a tape measure to measure the area of site to be sodded.  Include these measurements on a sketch of the lawn area, with the length, width and any unusual features.

Schedule your sod deliver after all preparatory work is completed and you are ready to install.  Prompt installation on the delivery day is important to form a strong beginning four your lawn.

For more information on measuring and pricing, please call locally (605)347-9606 or toll free (888)760-3131.  We accept cash, checks, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Measuring & Ordering

Square of Rectangle Area

length X width

Northern Hills Sod Farm, LLC

Trapezoid Area

(4 sided non-square area)

base 1 + base 2 divided by 2 X height